LoyaltyJul 25, 2022

How to measure retention & engagement metrics for your DTC brand with customer loyalty analytics

Picture of the authorImane Kabbaj

"Data-oriented businesses are nine times more likely to have better customer loyalty and outperform less analytical peers on new customer acquisition by an astounding 23 times.Mckinsey, Datamatics poll 2013.

Linking your advertising platforms and your email marketing software to your loyalty program data could help you deliver a highly relevant dynamic re-targeting, based on individual behavior patterns across multiple channels, with lower remarketing costs.

Loyalty programs play a key role in the overall data value chain, facilitating the collection of zero-party data (Consumer-owned data that they voluntarily and deliberately share with a brand they trust) & first-party data (Data that belongs to the brand and is collected through consumer interactions). 


As a business, you never want to go in blind before launching your loyalty program. Businesses should at the very least have some visibility as to the target or desired results based on existing and historical customer data.

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